Market Cube, SociaLabra debut “disruptive” online market research abilities

Market Research Cloud delivers audiences, rich data, management tools and results faster

BROOKLYN, NY,  Quirk Conference,  Feb. 22, 2016 — Market Cube, a leading provider of online audiences and research support services to market researchers, and software developer SociaLabra, which specializes in insight and engagement solutions, today announced a partnership to deliver Market Research Cloudä, an innovative online market research service that provides audiences, community building and management tools and other integrated capabilities that will generate better research results faster and more cost effectively.

Market Research Cloud was cited by ESOMAR’s Research World Magazine as one of the most disruptive efforts in the market research industry in 2015. It enables researchers to recruit audiences through a global network of market research panels, add their own audiences or use links in social networks, websites and messaging to obtain poll and survey responses.

Its unique survey tool enables researchers to use text and rich media in questions, mimicking the way consumers use the web. Researchers can also use their own survey tools with the audiences provided.

A community building and management tool is incorporated for qualitative studies. Pre-set reports are included that can track study results in real-time and provide high-level presentation of data. Study data also can be exported to third-party analytics software.

“This collaboration with SociaLabra smartly combines their innovative software with our advanced and cost-leading approach to enabling market researchers everywhere,” said Aditya Raj, principal of Market Cube. “Market Research Cloud serves as the front-end to our global audience recruitment and support services and makes our total offering even more accessible and compelling.”

Market Cube powers Market Research Cloud with global audiences and complementary on-demand market research support services. The two companies will debut Market Research Cloud at the Quirk Conference February 23-24 in Brooklyn, New York, which is expected to draw over 1,200 market research industry participants from all over the world. Private demonstrations of the software will be shown in Booth #513.

“Market Research Cloud is a great product but it’s also a vision for a better, faster, more effective way to get the rich data that market researchers need in order to distil the consumer insights that are so valuable to brands,” said Stewart Davis, co-founder of SociaLabra. “Market Cube provides the key ingredients and market research industry know-how to make our service highly productive for users today.  In the next 12 months we’re aiming to rapidly add new features to our SaaS platform in concert with our partners and customers to complete our vision to enable market researchers to work at the speed of conversation.”

Nearly a dozen brands and researchers have tested Market Research Cloud’s features in a closed beta program using real market research studies. An open beta will be announced shortly and SociaLabra is seeking early adopters to test the first full release of the software.  All researchers will receive $200 off their first study using Market Research Cloud. Please visit for more information.

About Market Cube

Market Cube started its online sample operations in 2009 and has been serving some of the biggest names in the marketing research industry ever since.  Its principals hail from top companies in the industry, bringing decades of collective experience in custom market research, online panel development, sample delivery, and research technology. The company is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. For more information please visit

About SociaLabra

The SociaLabra team has been developing enterprise social networks since 2009 for some of the largest organizations in Canada and the US. Building on that experience the firm now specializes in engagement and insight solutions for customers and employees. Its work has been recognized by awards and is supported by a board of advisors which includes representatives from leading market research firms, publishers, communications and technology firms. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. For more information please visit



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